A Time to Mourn & A Time to Dance

Prologue (Excerpt)
Grainy images flash before me like an old film projector flickering, skipping frames every so often. A bottle of Shalimar perfume. Fever. Drugs. A leg brace and wheelchair. An old black man in Georgia and an angel at sunrise. Long-stemmed roses in glossy white boxes wrapped in red satin bows. Jackie Gleason and June Taylor. Tony Bennett, Glenn Miller, and Tommy Dorsey. Dom DeLuise, Lee Remick, Kevin McCarthy, and more. Stories written. Stories burned. A remote cabin with galloping horses. Beloved animals and supernatural creatures. Love and loss. Mourning and joy. Only one image remains steady as the fragmented images jump and change: A cross on a hill with crimson stains.


About the Author

A former June Taylor Dancer on the Jackie Gleason television show in the 1960s, Lee Anne Morgan has spent the last three decades as an essay and short story writer, photojournalist, and painter. Her photography resides in the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art/SUNY/New Paltz, The New York State Museum/Albany, the Governor’s Mansion/Augusta, Maine. Both her photography and paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections in the United States and Europe. Read more…

Praise for…

Ms. Morgan’s writing is powerful and inviting. Her book is beyond beautiful and honors life, His creation, and Jesus as the Creator.
~ Lead Pastor Craig Paczkowski, Full Life Church, Catskill, New York.

In prose that often reads like poetry, Ms. Morgan crafts a tale of adventure, betrayal and, ultimately, triumph. Her personal story unfolds like peeling layers of an onion. I eagerly turned the pages, wondering what would come next.
~ Janet Sanders, Independent Writer and Editorial Consultant

Ms. Morgan has the eye of an artist, the soul of a seeker, and the courage of a flower in a storm. Her book does what a good story should do: It both captures our imaginations with its uniqueness and speaks to our depths with its universal truths. A beautiful read.
~ April Martin, Psychologist, Singer/Songwriter

Lee Anne Morgan masterfully weaves both ecstatic and painful events into a spellbinding story. I’ve admired all of Lee Anne’s creative efforts through our timeless friendship. Time to Mourn is her finest work to date. Her story is heart rendering, elegant, and inspiring. In this first printing, it is already a classic to reside on bookshelves to be read again and again, not unlike Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea. Lee Anne is one of those rare, most gifted creatives.
~Arthur A. Anderson

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A Time to Mourn & A Time to Dance
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ISBN 13: 978-0-578-50674-6
Publisher: FullLife Publishing (June 2019)
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